What We Do

We develop encryption and IT security solutions and find answers to questions on how to design digitalization to the benefit of companies and society.

We are known for the development of Cryptomator, our open-source cloud encryption software, which won the CeBIT Innovation Award.

We adapt our security solutions individually for our customers, advise them on security issues, and educate on the subjects such as “digital self-defense”.

What we do

Who We Are

At Skymatic, expertise from software and app development, cryptography, and psychology come together. We keep a sharp eye on the development of digitization with its opportunities and risks from our different perspectives and develop solutions where they are most needed.

We are signatories of the Charter to Strengthen Trusted Communications, participants in BSI's Alliance for Cyber Security, and board member of the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn.

Who we are

The Founders

A picture of Tobias

Tobias Hagemann

iOS Development, Project Management, and Design

A picture of Markus

Markus Kreusch

Desktop and Android Development

A picture of Christian

Christian Schmickler

Marketing, Communications, and Finance

A picture of Sebastian

Sebastian Stenzel

Product Conception and Architecture

The Team

A picture of Julian

Julian Raufelder

Software Development

A picture of Armin

Armin Schrenk

Software Development

A picture of Marc

Marc Stammerjohann

Software Development